Numbers, Energy Up at Riverside

This Wednesday was the conclusion of the Skills Camps hosted by Riverside Baseball.  Over 25 different young men took advantage of the free 6 week camp to work with the high school coaches on fundamentals to help them with their game.  Couple that with the  summer baseball team that is still in full swing and over 40 young men took part in Riverside Baseball activities this summer, many of which took advantage of both.  “This has been a great start, a very good sign of things to come around here” noted Head Coach Bryan McNaghten.  Goals for the future include winter camps and a focus on expanding the summer competitive baseball opportunities for Riverside players with multiple teams next summer. A search for quality staff and a supporting cast to help is also under way according to McNaghten. Riverside is also eyeing more interaction with the area little league to work with coaches and help develop players as young as 8 & 9 years old.

Many thanks go to the parents for the commitment to their boys and getting them on the field. Also, a big shout out to the District Administration for the drive for the resurgence of athletics at Riverside and more specifically baseball.  It’s really been a lot of fun to watch. The level of desire and the energy on part of the players, regardless of ability, is energizing according to the staff.  “The boys are drinking it all in and they are getting better” Coach Travis Pratt noted. “And besides, what could be better than a bunch of boys outside playing baseball under the sun?  That’s just about as All American as you can get right there” he added.


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